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Mavericks Event To Be Called “The Jay?”

"I think about my Bro Jay almost every time I get in the Water! He was an amazing WaterMen and to this day every time I Paddle out in a Heat I think about Jay! I would see him every day on  East Cliff riding his bike. I would yell, Jay, and he always look back with the Raddest Smile! Like he new he would be getting good waves that day! I still remember him coming back to class after free falling at Mavs, he said it felt like a Mac truck on his chest and then he laughed! I miss the Days with Steve, Mike D, Matty, Neil, Roger and Jay, early morning Dawn Patrols in Northern SC! Its very true, "Only the Good die Young", God Speed Jay!"

- Brandyn Garske

Mavericks Event To Be Called “The Jay?”

A new organization -- including some of the most notable names in Mavericks surfing -- is submitting an application with the San Mateo County Harbor District early next week seeking to hold its own contest at the famed Mavericks surf spot. Because the district will issue only a single permit, the group could force out Mavericks Surf Ventures, which has run the competition in recent years.

“We’re (hoping) to run the whole thing next year,” said local surf photographer Doug Acton, adding that the contest would honor friend and legendary surfer Jay Moriarity. The contest would be called "The Jay Moriarity Maverick's Invitational."

Joining Acton in key roles at the organization are surfers Peter Mel and Grant Washburn and Moriarity's widow Kim Moriarity as well as Darren Brilhart and Frank Quirarte, who both have experience helping to organize contests at Mavericks. In addition, Katherine Kelly has signed on and surfing legend Jeff Clark has been asked to participate. His participation is not yet clear, according to an email from the group.

The group says it has secured a three-year sponsorship deal with Barracuda Networks and plans to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside, the Half Moon Bay PAC and the Jay Moriarty Foundation.

Acton said the new group wants a return to the ethos of the early days of Mavericks.

Harbor District General Manager Peter Grenell confirmed that he expects two organizations to vie for the single permit.

“Because another group has indicated that they want to seek a permit we have to review each permit and take it to the Harbor Commission,” said Grenell.

The Harbor District hasn’t had to deal with two groups vying for this single permit since the first year of the competition when a second request for the permit forced the district to decide it could handle only one event.

The new organization is filing for non-profit status, and according to Acton. That would set it apart from Mavericks Surf Ventures, which operates for-profit.

“When you’re dealing with a company running the contest, they forget the community is impacted more than anyone,” Acton said. “We want everyone in the community to benefit.”

Acton and Quirarte said the group has full support of Mavericks competitors.

Mavericks Surf Ventures representatives could not be reached for comment Friday afternoon. The organization is carrying on with business as usual and recently announced it’s “picking up right where last season left off,” and laying the groundwork for the 2010-2011 contest.

Last year's contest was considered a classic and surfers said it was among the best big-wave events ever held. It was also marred by waves crashing the shore and sweeping fans off their feet. Several people were injured while watching the contest.

“They’re not bad people … I’ve worked with them in the past but I just want this competition to benefit the community more than it has in the past,” Acton said. Quirarte said the new group planned a significantly reduced footprint on the coast, if granted the permit to hold the contest.

Created by Clark in 1999, the first big-wave event at Mavericks was called “Men who Ride Mountains.” If the contest comes off this winter, it would be the eighth such competition.

The event has been run by several different organizations over the years. Clark partnered with Evolve Sports in 2003 and Mavericks Surf Ventures was born.

The first chance for the Harbor District to address the matter at a regular meeting would be the first week in September.

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